Why Record Your Calls?

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companies and individuals are recognising the benefits of recording calls. It provides an accurate record of what was said by whom and when; avoids the need for repetition or speaking slowly; creates voice files to attach to client records; and provides a perfect aid for training, dispute resolution and compliance requirements. In short, call recording puts the individual and the company in control of their most prolific communication medium - the telephone.


What kinds of companies record their telephone calls?
All kinds of companies should use voice logging. It is ideal for general business use, a must in call centres and crucial within financial, healthcare or legal organisations. Typical users of voice logging are to be found in industries including:

  • Finance: banks, building societies, insurance companies, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals/Utilities: oil companies, electricity/gas suppliers, etc.
  • Training: telephone training, call centres, etc.
  • Legal: Legal, Judicial or Advisory Bodies: police, lawyers, etc.
  • Travel and Tourism: airlines, estate agents, tourist organisations, etc.
  • Automotive: vehicle breakdown services, couriers, etc.
  • Education: universities, etc.
  • Media: television, radio, newspapers, etc.
  • Healthcare: hospitals, medical schemes, emergency services, etc.
  • Telecommunications/IT: mobile operators, help desks, service providers, etc.
  • Retail: electrical/online stores, mail order, etc.